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Dec 14, 2023


Welcome to Race Horse Med, your trusted source for top-quality horse medicine and exceptional pet services in the veterinary field. With our vast experience and expertise, we understand the unique needs of horses and their owners, and we are committed to delivering the best solutions to ensure their well-being.

The Importance of Horse Medicine

As horse enthusiasts ourselves, we recognize the crucial role that horse medicine plays in maintaining the health, performance, and overall vitality of these majestic animals. Our team of highly skilled veterinarians specializes in horse medicine, providing a comprehensive range of services to address preventive care, diagnose and treat ailments, and assist with rehabilitation.

Preventive Care

At Race Horse Med, we believe in the power of prevention. Regular check-ups and vaccinations are essential to keep your horse in prime condition. Our veterinarians will evaluate your horse's health, administer necessary vaccinations, and provide guidance on nutrition, exercise, and general well-being.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Despite your best efforts, horses can still encounter health issues. Our skilled veterinarians employ state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques to identify problems accurately. We offer a wide range of advanced treatments and therapies tailored to your horse's specific needs, ensuring the most effective and efficient care possible.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

When a horse experiences an injury or undergoes surgery, proper rehabilitation is crucial. Our team understands the complexities of equine rehabilitation and will work closely with you to develop a personalized plan for your horse's recovery. From physical therapy to medication management, we provide comprehensive support throughout the rehabilitation process.

The Race Horse Med Difference

What sets Race Horse Med apart from the rest is our unwavering commitment to excellence. Here are some reasons why horse owners and professionals choose us:

Expertise and Experience

Our dedicated team of veterinarians has extensive experience in equine medicine. We stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field to provide cutting-edge treatments and offer the highest level of care to every horse that comes through our doors.

Quality Products

Race Horse Med sources only the highest quality horse medicine, ensuring that your horse receives safe and effective treatments. We work with trusted suppliers and continually evaluate new products to maintain our commitment to excellence.

Compassionate Care

We understand that your horse is an integral part of your life and a beloved companion. With Race Horse Med, you can expect compassionate care for both you and your horse. Our team will listen to your concerns, provide clear explanations, and guide you through every step of your horse's treatment.

The Best Horse Medicine for Your Needs

At Race Horse Med, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of horse medicine. Whatever your horse's needs may be, we have the solutions. Our product range includes:

Horse Supplements

We offer a wide selection of horse supplements formulated to support their overall well-being. From joint health to digestive support, our supplements are designed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of horses and enhance their performance and recovery.

Horse Vaccinations

Vaccinations are crucial for protecting your horse against infectious diseases. We provide a range of horse vaccinations to safeguard their health and prevent common illnesses. Our veterinarians will recommend the appropriate vaccination schedule based on your horse's lifestyle and risk factors.

Horse Medications

When your horse requires medication, trust Race Horse Med to deliver high-quality pharmaceuticals. We offer a wide range of horse medications, including anti-inflammatories, pain relievers, and antibiotics. Our veterinarians will prescribe the most suitable medications to address your horse's specific condition.


When it comes to horse medicine and exceptional pet services, Race Horse Med stands out as a leader in the industry. Our commitment to excellence, expertise, and compassionate care sets us apart. Whether your horse requires preventive care, diagnosis, treatment, or rehabilitation, you can rely on our team of skilled veterinarians to provide the best solutions tailored to your horse's needs. Visit and discover why horse owners trust us for their horse medicine needs.