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PPC for Fence Installation Contractors

A website is a great starting point to establish an online presence for your fencing business; there is no use in having an online property if it receives no visitors. This is why promotional strategies are critical when you are trying to get more exposure for your business on the internet.

There are various marketing strategies that can prove useful when setting up a campaign to increase your online exposure. Search engine optimization is often considered one of the initial strategies, which can be implemented from the time of content creation. This helps your website rank higher in Google search results, but it can take some time for your efforts to pay off.

This is why many fencing companies are looking for a more immediate solution to help them attract traffic and visitors to their online properties. PPC advertising, also known as Paid-Per-Click, is a highly effective method that drives immediate traffic to your website and landing pages.

What Is PPC Advertising?

PPC advertising is a strategy utilized to assist in driving immediate traffic to your website, a Google My Business Listing, or to landing pages that you use to promote your services or special offers. There are different advertising networks that can be utilized to develop a PPC campaign. Among the various options that are available, Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the most commonly used options.

Our PPC experts are highly experienced in providing assistance in the development of PPC campaigns on these advertising networks.

The process of setting up a PPC advertising campaign is rather simple but does require knowledge and a lot of research to ensure you do not end up wasting money on ineffective ads.


  1. The first step is to determine your target audience – where they are and how you can target them. You need to specify the locations you wish to target with your ads, as well as add keywords that are related to your business.
  2. The next step is to develop effective ads that will show to your audience. The ads need to be strategized carefully – an effective ad will help to provide a greater clickthrough rate on your campaign, while an ad that is not carefully structured will lead to a low click rate or a poor conversion rate.
  3. A marketing budget needs to be configured in the PPC advertising platform. This ensures you do not spend more money on these ads that you can afford.

These are the basics of a PPC campaign – following this procedure, consistent monitoring and adjustments to your campaign’s data are essential.

How Can PPC Advertising Help Your Business?

If you are not sure whether PPC advertising campaigns are appropriate for your business, it is a good idea to consider how this type of strategy can help – and what it can do for your business.

The primary goal of PPC advertising is to attract more immediate traffic to your online properties. While SEO is a highly effective strategy for boosting awareness of your brand on the internet, it takes quite some time before you can start to see real results.

With PPC advertising, you pay Google, Facebook, or another advertising network a fee to drive traffic to your website. Once you configure your ad and add a marketing budget, Google will start to display your ads to people who search for keywords that have been added to your campaign.

People who see your ads will be able to click on them – this will take them directly to your online properties. The ad can direct these people to your website’s home page, a landing page, or perhaps a page that allows the potential customer to request a quotation.

Why Choose Us?

Fence SEO is an expert in the field of helping fencing companies thrive on the internet. With years of experience in the field, we have worked with multiple companies in order to get them noticed online. We are also highly experienced in delivering PPC campaigns that focus on providing maximum value for every dollar spent on advertising.

Our experts are able to do everything from analyzing your target audience to set up an advertising campaign on Google Ads, as well as other advertising platforms that you may want to target through a PPC campaign. Fence SEO helps with the adjustment of your targeting and can find the most appropriate keywords to target in your campaign.

Additionally, we are also highly skilled in the development of ad copy that converts better. Through our experience in working with other fencing companies, we have noted what type of copy works best when attracting potential clients that are interested in fence installation, fence repairs, and other related services. This helps to optimize the campaigns to deliver a better clickthrough rate and ultimately drive higher conversions to your business.

How To Get Started

The first step to getting started with a PPC campaign is to determine if any strategies are already in place. If you have an existing PPC campaign, then we will need to analyze the content of the campaign and consider the current performance. This will help the PPC experts at Fence SEO determine if there are any problems with your current campaigns. It also helps us determine if there are improvements that can be made.

Many of our clients do not have an existing campaign – which allows us to develop a strategy from scratch. We will discuss the options with you. Fence SEO can work according to the budget that you have available. We do need an overview of your marketing budget – this allows us to determine what the possibilities are when setting up a new PPC campaign.

Our experts will start by considering the targeting data for your PPC campaign. You will need to provide us details on the specific areas your business serves. This ensures we do not show your adverts to potential customers that are located out of your service regions. We also provide extensive keyword research to ensure the search phrases we target with your campaign are super targeted – giving you far better results with your clicks.