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Our crew strongly believes your website needs to help resolve your company issues while enhancing your sales, along with your advertising and marketing initiatives. We want to help make that happen, as well as set you up for long-term excellence.

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    Who We Are?

    Fence SEO is a crew of extremely gifted developers and seasoned programmers.

    Our websites help amplify your business when you utilize our amazing team. Fence SEO is well-known for our unbelievable advertising site design as well as our ability to work closely with each of our clients. Our company believes when you complete fantastic work, you have the ability to retain and grow your customer bases. We take a look at every project as a stand-alone project that gets all of our focus so that we create a terrific website every single time. We utilize our prior experience, our originality, and the most up-to-date technology to establish top-notch websites that will always provide the outcomes you crave. This shows in our all of our work considering that most of our all new customers come to us by means of word of mouth referrals from our previous, happy clients. Amazing work certainly brings superb final results.

    Our Services

    Web Design

    Fence SEO has set itself away from all of the other web site design companies simply for the reason that we create magnificent personalized graphic designs that are professionally and attentively created. There is a huge distinction when comparing the run of the mill web page design companies and us here at Fence SEO We are pros at creating compelling enhancements to your brand/website. Our designers will work together with you and build a brand and a style that communicates the correct message to your target market in the best way possible.

    Search Engine Optimization

    We help improve internet search engine outcomes for our client’s businesses that are aiming to target their local search engine market. We will develop your title, your tags, and all of your file names while observing the present trending search engine terms and key phrases. We guarantee that all of your website material contains trending keywords, and we make certain that every facet of your website is search engine friendly. Every one of these facets put together guarantees that when an interested customer searches for your site, they find you really quickly, every time.

    Social Media Marketing

    Fence SEO is a social networks marketing guru; we provide the most cutting-edge social media tactics and research in the entire world. Our customers involve both small and much larger companies. We only employ the services of the most knowledgeable marketing and tech-savvy minds around. We can form strategies that develop your company’s brand that will trigger considerable exposure and will reach all your customers like never before. We will have a look at your target audience and identify the best applications and the right content to focus in on your customer audience.

    Lead Generation Services

    We really help our customers do what they do best, earning new clients while we provide an effective lead generation service. We also save our clients a great deal of money by helping them steer clear of the substantial cost of hiring and overseeing their own lead generation team. Our gifted lead generators provide a considerable assortment of lead generation services, consequently making Fence SEO an industry standard among all lead generation service providers active today. For the best in the business, call us right now and let us help you LEAD the way.

    Logo Design

    An unique logo for your website is both a wonderful start to your business brand but at the same time leads you to your primary goal and will make triumph a constant for your business. Superb logo design helps your business leave a long lasting impact on your clients and customers that will keep them coming back to you time and time again and really wanting more, which is, obviously, our ultimate objective. We can design, redesign or completely build your company’s brand with our unbelievable logo design crew that will give you the edge over all your competitors as well as help you very quickly gain more client interest.

    AdWords Management

    At Fence SEO we manage your AdWords by targeting the leading keywords that are going to send clients straight to your website. Specifically focused keyword research and review will determine the very best and most economical approach to gaining clients who are trying to find what your company has to offer. Using various research tools that we employ here at Fence SEO, we are able to develop highly efficient search campaigns that aim specifically on your target. By investing in our AdWords services, you will help clients in finding your website who wouldn’t have found it through common search engine results.

    Work With Us

    Research & Planning

    Understanding who a company, brand or specific product is, and precisely where they originated from is an important aspect of recognizing exactly where to go next. The appropriate research before every single project ensures that Fence SEO helps our clients increase their productivity and decrease their budget output. We utilize data analytics to make sensible design and development decisions.

    Design & Development

    With hundreds of websites under our proverbial belt, we have come such a very long way in specifically how we approach the design and advancement of a specific site. The principal goal within this phase is to recognize and acknowledge our client and to match the very best technological innovations into their website design to fulfill their needs.

    Test & Implementation

    Whether we are delivering expert design integration services in any kind of major platform, analyzing our data, or delving into performance fine tuning, our comprehensive database professionals will study all of your company needs. We can offer you with a through plan to implement a comprehensive and concise solution for your website.



    We work with a broad range of company types all over the business industry. We’ve helped companies improve customer support, sell their products, and attract numerous new clients. Our staff will get to know your particular field and company ensure your internet site meets each one of your objectives.

    You bet! Our only goal is to satisfy our clients. We simply cannot do any of that without your design input. If you possess a business logo or brand that you might like us to use, consider it done. We will make sure your site will be an essential part of your overall brand and logo.

    No. If the client will not be an excellent fit for our company, we won’t quote them a price. Producing a brand-new site is a big endeavor, so the site developers and their customers need to have comparable views and aspirations for the venture to work effectively. The may be said for personalizing existing websites. If our company does not really feel that we have the capacity to expand and better your brand, we will let you know swiftly.

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    The Best Factors Why A Professionally Designed Website Is Important To Your Business

    Were you aware that a professionally designed website is essential-have for any business? It is perfect for business in a number of ways. When you are just getting started with developing your site, you must make sure that it must be developed by the pros because you would like it to look great while having a great deal to offer to the people who visit it.

    The Customized Professional Design Leaves a much better Impression

    The initial impression which you leave on individuals who visit your website is the most essential impression you may ever need to make. If individuals are not impressed in what they see on your own website, you will discover a decent chance that they are not going to keep coming back, which is damaging to your company. You should create a sufficient impression about the consumers to keep them in your website for lengthy periods while getting them to return with time. A web site that looks professional and is also customized specially for your company will leave a better impression around the consumers than an issue that has simply been thrown together. Keep in mind that you will have to work with a design that clearly represents your brand name and anything that it represents. Always take some time with selecting colors, fonts, and different designs as you have to be sure you might be making the correct choices.

    It Can Help You Rank Better on search engines like google

    Ranking on the various search engines is actually a top priority since it makes it much simpler for consumers to find your web site, click the link, and land in your webpages. When your internet site is not ranking, you will be passing up on thousands of visitors who may potentially want or have to purchase something straight from your web site. An expertly designed website that is optimized and loaded with high-quality content will rank far better than a thing that is designed poorly and is not going to contain good content. Lots of the companies that make an effort to do their websites alone forget to optimize their content which often keeps them from ranking on search sites like Google.

    Your Internet Pages Will Load Faster

    When you are having your website professionally designed, you can anticipate the web pages to load much faster. Most people get frustrated when they are visiting a website and coping with pages that load too slowly. In the event the pages of your own site are loading slower than normal, visitors may exit the site before even having the chance to check around and look at this content upon it. When an authority assists you to design your site, they are able to make sure the pages are loading quickly and so are not boggled down with a lot of images or videos in a space.

    It Sets Your Business Apart From the Competition

    Regardless of what kind of business you operate, you likely have a lot of competition to deal with. Creating tips to get ahead of the competition should be important because if your business is in front of the competition, you are the person who will make a lot of sales rather than competitors. A neatly designed website is a fantastic way to set yourself in addition to any competition you could have. When your website is unique and looks good, it leaves that better impression and it gets people wanting to return as opposed to going elsewhere for what they need. It is amazing to consider the numerous methods an expert website will benefit your small business. It leaves a long lasting impression, assists you to rank better, gets your website to load faster, as well as sets you far apart from any competition you may have.

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    Content Marketing for Fence Installers

    Your website is a digital property that represents your business on the internet. Once your website is up and running, the process does not end. You need to continuously implement promotional strategies to ensure your target audience notices your website.

    When it comes to promotional strategies, any marketer would agree with the fact that content is king. With the right content, it is possible to establish your brand as an authority within your targeting niche. Unfortunately, this is one area that many marketers and business owners tend to overlook. You may think that simply providing an overview of your fencing services to clients is enough – but in reality, you are missing out on a great opportunity.

    Fence SEO is not only experts at providing you with highly efficient search engine optimization services, but can also assist in the development of content production and marketing strategies that will build trust among your customers.

    Why Is Content Marketing So Important?

    Content is one of the most essential items that form part of both on-page and off-page marketing strategies. You need to develop content for every page on your website – this includes the text that tells the client what you do, who you are, and why you are able to give them a competitive advantage for all their fencing needs.

    Content marketing involves strategies where the content on your website is optimized to improve performance in search engines, while also being more attractive to your audience. At the same time, content marketing also consists of promotional strategies that allow you to put the content in front of your audience – not only on your own website but also on third-party platforms.

    If you have published a post for your fencing company on Facebook before, then you have already delved into content marketing before. This is just one form of content marketing – at Fence SEO, we are experienced in delivering content marketing strategies that target multiple platforms in order to offer a more efficient solution for building brand authority and trust, while also increasing the awareness of your fencing company among a local audience.

    What Does A Content Marketing Strategy Consist Of?

    There are a few elements that form part of an effective content marketing strategy. You should ensure you understand all of these elements to help you understand what makes a content marketing strategy effective.

    The first step is to optimize content that has already been published on your website. Even though content marketing generally refers to the promotion of brand-related content on third-party websites, we at Fence SEO believes that it should really start with great content on your own website.

    The development of new content needs to be done in a careful manner – you want to ensure that your expertise clearly shines through in every piece of content you decide to publish.

    A content marketing strategy should focus on distributing your content on multiple platforms. These may include:

    • Posts published on social media platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
    • Articles distributed to platforms like Facebook Instant and Google News.
    • Posts that are published on third-party blogs as part of an outreach and guest posting strategy.

    Plan carefully and post relevant content – this is the strategy that will help to increase brand awareness, while also building more authority for your business. At the same time, the strategy will help with increasing backlinks and traffic to your website. This, in turn, results in better rankings in Google search results.

    How We Can Help

    Fence SEO is experts in the area of content creation and marketing – and we can include these strategies as part of a search engine optimization campaign too.

    We can help with a variety of elements that form part of an effective content marketing campaign. At Fence SEO, we offer fencing companies access to these services:

    • We can create content around topics related to fencing, including tutorials, tips, and more. The goal of the content is to help your brand establish authority within the fencing industry. It helps to show your audience that you are experts when it comes to fencing solutions.
    • We build brand awareness by choosing the right channels to promote your content. This may include a strategy that forms part of social media marketing. We publish the content we produce on Facebook and other profiles that have been developed for your brand.
    • We can help to establish effective guest posting strategies too. We assist in finding appropriate blogs to publish on and assist with the outreach to the blog owner. We can produce the content that will be published on the blog, giving you more time to focus on other business operations on your side.

    All content that is developed will follow appropriate SEO guidelines to ensure it is pre-optimized. We use keywords related to your campaign that is also targeted at a local audience. This gives you the ability to have content ranked higher in Google, further increasing the exposure of your company.

    How To Get Started

    If you want to get a content marketing strategy up for your business, then the first step is to get in touch with us. At Fence SEO, our experts have worked with many companies in the industry – which means our team members have a few skills they are proud of. This is also why our content management and marketing solution offers a much more targeted approach to you as a business owner of a fencing company.

    We first need to consider if you have any existing strategies in place. If you have already done some content marketing from your side, then we need to consider the structure of the content that was published. This helps us get an idea of the “voice” and “tone” that your brand has already established. We can also work by creating something from scratch if you have not yet published any content related to your online properties.

    We then develop a complete plan that shows you what type of content we will be publishing, as well as where we will publish the content. This ensures you know exactly what to expect before we take any actions from our side.

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